2019 Colors of the Year

Every year the new color trend predictions are announced and every year we think of ways to incorporate these colors into our spaces (or at least I do). This time of year is very exciting to me, much like a color Christmas or more applicable Hanukkah as they announce a new color over days and I dream of our ancient ancestors indigo dye lasting more than 8 bolts of fabric. I revel in these announcements and the ideas and updates they can inspire.

Living Coral 16-1546

Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral

Pantone describes Living Coral “vibrant, yet mellow” and “[it] embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” This coral is a slightly muted richer coral then one may traditionally think of. It is an excellent partner for pink or yellow in small combinations. A compliment to warm taupe or grieges. And classically a beautiful partner for blues and whites Coral is truly an invigorating color however it is one of those “trends” that I would use sparingly with pops of it through various accessories, although I do love a great coral accent wall.

Cavern Clay SW 7701

Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay SW 7701

While Sherwin Williams also leans towards orange with its 2019 color of the year Cavern Clay SW 7701. This color truly struck my eye and stuck with me. This warm, deep, rich yet subtle terracotta has so many applications that I think go beyond trends. This rich warm color would be stunning in a room and will make any space warm and inviting. Pairing with blues, grays, greens, whites, and even griege will make any space cozy. It also highlights a growing trend towards western contemporary.  

Night Watch PPG1145-7

PPG Paints Night Watch PPG1145-7

This lovely green tugs at my heartstrings as I am obsessed with deep rich greens. PPG says “Classic luxury meets the restorative power of nature in this trending deep green paint color.” There is a transformative power to greens that makes it such a versatile color and often eventually the body perceives greens as a neutral due to their omnipresence in nature. Which is why of all the darker colors I am always surprised by people reticence towards green.   As I am biased I would use this color everywhere from an office or study to a bedroom and honestly I have always dreamed of a rich green kitchen.

Blueprint S470-5

Behr Blueprint S470-5

Behr paints offer yet another colorful option with Blueprint S470-5. Behr states “Heralded as “warmer than denim and softer than navy,” [it] promises to deliver “authenticity, confidence and timelessness” in both the interior and exterior of the home.” A beautiful shade that I could see in any dining room, living room, office, or even bedroom. Partnering well with a variety of colors its warmth is unusual for a blue. I am dreaming of painting my dining room this striking elegant color.

Metropolitan AF-690

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690

Benjamin Moore explains that Metropolitan is “calm, composed, and effortlessly sophisticated [it] exudes glamour, beauty and balance.” At first glance, it may appear in opposition to the colorful offerings above but there is a warm depth to Metropolitan that does very much offer sophistication but also a warmth and coziness. It is an extremely timeless color.

Yet instead of following specific color trends, as in this day there is no need to be on trend just do what you like. But what do I see here this year is a move towards color. Inviting rich but subtle jewel tones of PPG’s Night Watch, Behr’s Blue Print, Pantone’s Living Coral, and Sherwin Williams’ Cavern Clay all speak to a desire for warmth and coziness moving away from the sterility of white and cool greys. The warmth of Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan speaks to this as well. So this year tap into your inner color fiend and embrace warmth and coziness in your space. 

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