Kitchen Trends to Consider


A kitchen remodel is a long term investment, so people do not want to something that will look dated quickly. It is important to be aware of what is happening in the industry as trends in kitchen design often indicate what will become standards in the future.

Kitchens today tend to be transitional in style, which is a blend of traditional and contemporary design. The lines are simpler than traditional but a bit more elaborate than contemporary. This allows the character of the materials to be the focal point, rather than the complicated finishes or details.

Cherry is the dominate wood in the cabinet industry, but oak, walnut and birch are becoming more popular. Many people shy away from oak, but when it is given a dark or colorful stain, the big open grain looks great. Bamboo is a relative newcomer and rising in popularity. It’s linear nature works well with the soft contemporary look.

Finishes are trending darker, think of it as the “Pottery Barn” look. Glazing adds character and distressing is coming back, but it is not as extreme as it has been in the past. Painted white cabinets will always be a classic. Often they are combined with a stained or colored island or hutch as an accent piece. Gray is replacing “builder’s beige” as the new more sophisticated neutral.

Solid surface countertops like granite, marble and engineered stone (quartz) are popular. Not everyone likes the shine of polished granite, so honed or antiqued finishes are becoming more widely available. Marble is being more widely used, even though many people think it is not suitable as a kitchen countertop. With proper sealing and a bit of care it works very well. Glass tile is the most popular backsplash material, and glass is being used as countertops as well, often as focal point such as an eating bar. Large format ceramic and porcelain tiles make for fewer grout lines, which is what people usually don’t like about tile countertops.

Energy efficiency is important in appliances and lighting. LED lights are widely available and much more cost effective. They have improved the color rendition of the light and the low heat emission and long life of the bulbs make them a good option for kitchen lighting. Every kitchen should have under cabinet lighting; it makes a huge difference in the quality of light at the countertop level. Polished chrome and polished nickel are popular finishes. Sparkle is also found in crystal accents in faucets, hardware and lighting. Bronze and brushed brass finishes are becoming available, but it will still be a while before polished brass is back.

The majority of kitchen faucets on the market are the pull down style. This functional design replaces the standard faucet with the separate spray and means fewer holes in the countertop. It also can replace the pot filler faucet, if it is used at a sink convenient to the stove. Large deep single bowl sinks are becoming very popular. A second sink can really make a difference in a kitchen layout, used either for vegetable prep or drink mixing.

Whatever style of kitchen you are like there are always new products and materials to consider. A kitchen designer is the person to help you sort through all the many choices and create a functional kitchen that will stand the test of time.

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