Questions to Ask Yourself With Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels take some preparation. There are a lot of things to consider, after all. If you are having a hard time getting started, here are some useful questions to ask yourself.

Do I want a white or colored bathroom suite? Consider the pros and cons to the color scheme of your bathroom. Color will add a dimension to your bathroom, but can also date it quickly if the color goes out of style. (Think 70s brown and orange) White is the safer option. It is ageless, clean and modern.

What type of flooring should I go with? Don’t skimp on the flooring, since bathroom floors need to be very durable and water-resistant. Marble, stone and ceramic are excellent bathroom floor options.

What type of fixtures will improve my bathroom? Instead of choosing boring fixtures that can be found in basically any home, find fixtures that are unique and fun. There are plenty of great fixtures that are stylish and practical that you can choose from.

Do I need a new bathtub? Are you happy with the tub you have or would you like to improve it? Test out different bathtubs and find the perfect one to suit your needs. For example, if you would like a bathtub built for two you wouldn’t want an average tub in your bathroom. Instead, you’d look for a tub that slants comfortably at both ends, is larger, and had a faucet that meets in the middle not on one of the ends. Decide what your needs are and find a bathtub to fit those needs.

What type of mirror would I like in my bathroom? A great way to open up a bathroom is to find a great mirror above your sink or vanity. Mirrors brighten up a bathroom, and are stylish and sleek.

Is the wall art I want on my walls waterproof? Find wall art that won’t be ruined by either water or steam. A good wall hanging for a bathroom would be one that is practical for a bathroom environment.

How can I take advantage of my bathroom space? If you have limited space, think outside the box. If you don’t have room for a standard shower stall in your bathroom, think about installing an open-concept shower that doesn’t use a stall or curtain instead. If you don’t have room for bathroom storage, consider installing cabinets that go into your wall instead. These types of decisions can really improve the practicality of your bathroom with out taking up a chunk of space. 

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