Kitchen and Bath Testimonials

Bryan from Boise

“Patricia was truly a genius!”

Our home was built by the original owner 30 years ago. From the outside our home looks beautiful, inside however, was another story. The layout of the interior space was cramped and uncomfortable. It was partitioned into a tiny kitchen, a small sitting room, an unconventionally shaped dining room and superfluous formal dining room. Not only was the kitchen small and awkward, all of the cabinetry was old and falling apart. When we moved in we had to get rid of over half of our pots, pans, and serving ware since there just wasn’t any room. We put up with it for 8 years. During that time we talked about remodeling but hated the idea of updating a floor plan in a kitchen we couldn’t stand.

I was beginning to feel the situation was hopeless. I remember mentioning to a client that although we wanted a new kitchen, I feared that the solution to our problems was a grenade. He told me that I should let his wife Patricia have a go at it. As he put it, “She really is quite good Andy, and I’m not just saying that because I am her husband.”

That proved to be the understatement of the year. After we contacted Patricia, she came to our house and took measurements, met with us several times and helped us refine our ideas for our new kitchen. We had never undertaken a project like this and were novices at first. I liked how she educated us on the design elements, functionality, color palates, and on and on. I will never forget the day we met with her and she unveiled the architectural drawings of the kitchen. When I saw what she had planned for our space, I was duly impressed. Later, after she had left, we used the drawings and masking tape to “model” the new layout on our floor. Paper was great, but seeing the design taped out on the floor is when I realized that she was truly a genius. I am in awe of her ability to reimagine our home.

We had the opportunity to work with many subcontractors and construction people during the course of the remodel. We have had friends and family who saw the before and after. They have all been effusive with their praise and compliments. People who have never seen the old kitchen are constantly telling us how lovely our home is. I love it.

We purchased our cabinetry through Patricia as well. We are glad we did. It is of the highest quality and is beautiful and functional. It’s funny, but, I was a little sad when the kitchen was finished. I enjoyed working with Patricia. I felt like the three of us had collaborated and created something wonderful together and I missed that creative energy.

It’s been finished for over a year now: I live in that room for hours of every day and I still can’t help wondering at how well it turned out. I believe that the beauty of our surroundings changes the perception of ourselves and our lives. This room has helped me to live more beautifully. Thank you Patricia.

Estelle from Eagle

“It was a fabulous experience.”

We worked with Patricia Dunlop of Fine Kitchens & Baths to redesign our kitchen, laundry & half bath. It was a fabulous experience! Discussions about our wants and desires would spark her thinking and she would offer fun, creative options for us to play with. She listened to what was important to us, balanced it with the reality of our budget constraints and ultimately created the design that our contractor used to drive actual construction. Then she stayed engaged throughout the construction – coming over periodically to interpret drawings, give opinions on structural changes (after all-nothing goes perfectly in a remodel) and even helped us with all those decisions that have to be made around flooring, lighting, counter tops, etc. This was our first remodel and we’ve heard all the horror stories, but we are actually looking forward to the next project and plan to engage Patricia again.

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